Sunday, November 7, 2010


After a long break from writing any blog for a period of 10 months since the last post I made.

I don't know why or maybe I knew why the heck that I stop such a long period and now heading back to this space.

I stop not because of those famous reason that being busy, but I'm lazy and lost my 3 minutes temper to write something to be posted.

In the near end of 2010, this is my special year that to be consider as my turning point in life. At the beginning of the year, I made investment and earned a lot...Then, made losses also. Up fast down fast just like sitting in the roller-coaster.

Early of the year, I made the decision to further my study and now I'm doing my master degree. During the intake waiting process, I joined in some investment courses that do really enhanced my knowledge on the share market. However, maybe the timing wasn't right, the whole world economic bungee-jump. (=___= )"

Would like to mention as well that lots of my friends get married this year, and luckily that not much invited me for the ceremony...haha...isn't good? or bad?

There are about two more weeks remaining before my first semester final exam. I supposed to be craving on my books and notes but instead I'm here writing down nothing useful for my exam preparation. What to do? Planning and execution always are two different things in our life.

Actually, the things that hold me back was not movie, gathering or any other things else, but a thought. This thing happened last week, yup about few days ago and I'm still drowning into it right now. That's a thought came into my mind, and I do a search on Google. Guess what, it leads me a bloody vomit out of my wallet. However, I see it as a type of long-term investment. I shall fully occupied and applied all the theories and methods after my coming exam. And, really hope that the results can be coming the way faster than my expectation.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where to go NOW?

Look back to the date of my last English post, it was 3 months ago...Not try to defend, but I have focus on some of the topic in Chinese version and it is one of those reasons that I put this aside.

I do think about translating my Chinese post into English and share in here....however, I do understand as well that my English are still Pte & Ltd. Some or most of the suitable expession, tone & mood, I still have a long path to get myself improve.

Just after a long break of writing the entries, I wanna start this back again, but not sure how long this can be sustain.


Because I want to figure out something. I plan to do something.

There are few things in my plan now. Of course, further study is one of those. Now, I plan to get into UM. Well, the status is still pending for the registration period in February later.

Besides the study, I'm looking into the investment part or in other word to earn some side income. Trading market is always not an easy way to go as we really need a 'thick' modal for backup. So, recently I start to look back some opportunity thru or at internet.

As far we all know, millions of people start their online business everyday. This is a great challenge to start your own one in this competitive world. But, in fact, I get a solution of this.

No doubt Internet is a powerful resource centre that enable anyone to look for anything....but we can never forget that information on the Internet can be posted by anyone as well, which means the accuracy of the Internet always need to be reconsidered.

The solution I get, for sure, is from Internet. USD 299!! It could be a trick or a trap, but I think I can handle the risk as my education fee. Now the key question is: do I want to take this challenge and pay for this investment?

Is seeking advice and sit down to re-think about this...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cleaning Mindset

Just have a thought came across recently... Do I satisfy what I'm having now? Is there any changes I want to make? How about moving one step further, will it be as hard as I presumed?

As per what I told people recently as well as written & announced in previous blog, I plan to do my Master Degree. I do mean it.

After a long long searching, and even taking myself a break to put this thing down in order to let myself calm down before making any decision, I 'see' some difficulties.

Yea, I plan to take up the MBA course...even it maybe not helping much in the real life, but at least I have the exposure to the business management and theories.

First of all, there are two options for me, Segi Uni College and UTAR. UTAR would be my second choice even the fees a lot cheaper than Segi. The reason I hold on it is because I graduated my Degree there, and hope to look for new study environment. And yet, during the searching process, some people comment that its intake criteria or requirement is lower, where without working experience can do.

Segi's MBA (University of Southern Queenland), allows 16 months of minumum graduation period for fulltime study...that I think is good for me where I would like to mimimise the 'unemploy' period.

However, due to its stated requirement, I need to take some extra steps to step into the door. So far, I have not taken the TOEFL test that it is a MUST for the course. (I need to ask around to take the exam, before applying the course....and it need as least 6.5.....*sigh*~)

Then, in the application form, it also ask for the financial support that allows applicant to afford & finish the whole course fees...(study fulltime mean no income, then how to prove leh??? Just inform them I'm a billionnaire, it should be ok then??? Hahaha~)

Some more, it is going to have an interview session to 'filter' the qualify students....another challenge again~ Yet, the application fee cost RM300!!! (Waoh...maybe it is a good time for me to re-think for re-choose the course??!!)

But, it should have a 'better' future and study environment....or else how dare they charge you so expensive and 'filter' people some more???

....last, if there is anything, my backward step is going back to UTAR should be easy and cheaper...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Another birthday's wish

Happy or sad, time keep running.

Working days or holiday, life still goes on.

Birthday for me, nothing special, a date printed in the calender every year. What so special? Celebrate the birth? Or to celebrate that you are one more step nearer to the grave?

No matter what happened, everything still in the loop itself and keep on going....except the time where your clock is broken or out of battery.

Every year, we make the wish. But, what for? For me, a wish means a hope. A hope means a thought. A thought means the things no yet been done. Or, it is another uncomplete task to you when the next birthday arrive.

Even so, I do set myself a mind that keep on practising what I have learnt & knew, and apply on my daily activities. Learning process is easy when we keep in playful minded. For the next birthday, hope to flashback what I have done this year and be cheerful about it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New adventure~

Quite some time didn't write english story already. About 4 months since the last post on May. Just really not sure whether my english level getting worse, or still able to maintain in the same level. Bet typing or chatting in msn and facebook be counted as a proper way of presenting english...

After the long long break, I have not stop my step in the daily life. Although not in the english stream, but I do upgrade myself by attending few interesting and 'mysterious' courses.

It makes me 'open the eyes and ears' as well as my thought. Things do come in this way where we rarely think of. Some that we thought are complicated, but it does simple when we look it from the different way. (Not bullshit, or you think you have already heard it or understand it. You NEVER in the loop if you didn't go through what I attended)

Yes, we do always face those people said they already understood what you are trying to say or thought when you are still not presented it yet. That's we called it Bullshit! A big bullshit!!

With the scientific research & analysis, 95% of the people in the world are never "think". In another way to say, their brains are brand new! So, what makes you think you are not in the group this 95%??

A bit out of topic...just the scene shot pan back to my adventure. The few courses I attended, in general conclusion, they are the skills of persuasion and influences. Why we need these skills? I am who I am, I never thought of influence others to accept my ideas?? Is it so???

People are influence from one to another and it is our daily activities & needs. What you plan to eat for lunch/dinner, etc. We have to admit that we are practising these, influence others for any decision making.

It will be a long long story to share in this post if I try to blend all the things in here. So, be patient, I will explain it further in the future post.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Casualty Simulation

After conducting the casualty simulation course last week, the thought of having a 'complete one' come to my mind again.

What's the meaning of complete one? My definition is a whole or series of simulation; not only the makeup, but included the acting.

Everytime when I saw other area or state level organising the first aid & home nursing competition, their casualties, some are 'pro' compared to what we have. The meaning of 'pro' here is the actor (casualty) able to act how pain & suffer they are, from beginning until the end - some act from 8am to 10am with AV effect (audio & visual).

Is that enough we only simulate the injuries (wounds, bleeding & etc), without the 'acting'?

Always we give ours own excuses and complain that we don't have a professional or man power to teach members how to act. But, do we really need a professional for this? We are not going to big screen, not going to hollywood; we are only act in between of members, in front of public (during competition)...there is not neccessary to be 100% perfect, coz we are still 'learning'. (even some pro actor or actoress, they might also NG many times before have a good take; then why we bother so much and make ourselves left behind?)

My idea is to have a course (3D2N or 2D1N) to teach members for the 'complete' casualty simulation. The topic covers 'what is casualty simulation & its purpose', 'acting classroom', 'preparation for simulation (materials)', 'practical on casualty simulation (makeup)', etc...

The reasons are:

1. We will have a pool of pro actors as casualty (we can 'supply' the casualties for competition and even the school level - if there is demo during the new members recruitment).

2. Educate members extra knowledge out of first aid (even it is related) & footdrill.

3. Freshness. Members gain the exposure for '1,2,' - acting skills. (we have lots of many members love to act and some really know how to act.....therefore we always say they are 'action')

4. It is one of the cadet proficiency badges (I found that many members are interested to this subject, even myself)

However, to complete this task, many details need to come over...relevant topics, suitable lecturers (mainly the acting class), trainer (practical on makeup), correct materials, cost & fees, etc...

Anyway, I'm looking into some of the topics and maybe or maybe not this course will be organise.

p/s: I hope it will be a succeed as it will bring us lots of fun. (^0^)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Accident or Injuries

Last Sunday, I was met with group of friends and they show me some of the injuries they suffer from the accident or we called it injuries cause by criminal activities.

Here it is:

Does it looks painful?

Never ask me why the wounds are still expose and didn't apply any bandages. Because it never need to do so.

It is a low cost production.

The photos were shot during the Casualty Simulation course at a secondary school. This course is one of the skills and practical class for St. John Ambulans Malaysia members. Or we called it cadet proficiency badge.

I was asked to conduct this course for my school or division members that allows them to have a demostration during Teacher's Day.

Allow me to explain a little regarding the Casualty Simulation. Casualty Simulation main and only purpose is to create a look-real wounds and injuries for the members to see (observation) & practise (scenario / mock case) before giving the correct treatment. This will allows the members to have an exposure on how the injuries the patient or casualty of the accident may suffer. Then, we will have to proceed for primary survey (secondary survey may take place as well) and provide the suitable treatment for the injuries.

Back in time, I was first expose to this course in 1998 during the National Cadet Camp held in Kuala Woh, Tapah, Perak (organised by St. John Ambulans Malaysia). The first time, I applied cosmetic / makeup on others' face. A good and unforgettable experience.

Then, 1999, our area organised the same course for our members. (However, the production cost is even lower than what I did recently...^o^)

p/s: I have two certificate for this proficiency badge.

In the year 2005, another time I participated at Ipoh, our State HQ. This time, I learn more than the previous. (Maybe because of the age and knowledge is better than the younger period) It fills up the empty and lost info I learned previously. Example, how to make a cut, bleeding, burn, shock, fracture and etc effects.

However, makeup is one type of art. Those art related field & topic are always make an equal mark with money or cost. The better effect you want, the more money you need to spend for your tools. Especially when you want to make your 'art' as real as the actual, the cost will growth faster than the stock market. (Practise never make perfect, as before you can make it perfect, your wallet already surrender)

This is another simulation, finger amputation.